Pritty longer pussy fucking story by Alka

Pritty longer pussy fucking story by Alka

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Pritty longer pussy fucking story

Pritty longer pussy fucking story by Alka
I am Alka. I live in a hostal with my friends Pritti. I have open talk on every matter. Many times we arrive on sexual matter talking. My mental arousal activates my body action and that changes my mood. My changing mood creates thoughts of negative thinking. I assume my sexual tonic events of thinking ends on my time for making loving dream. My loving direction thinking makes my loving thinking strong. This event stimulates my body arousal for making sexual action. In this moment my pussy makes wetted. I show my friends pritti has high power stimulation. Her pussy gets charged and her action of pussy is best judge in her panty. Her boob is tight. He feels hot and warm feeling in her body. One day she inters her hand in her pussy and makes stimulate. Many times she makes sleep with cold air. If my talking is going on hot scene, she makes nude and stimulates her pussy. Her pussy is longer than me. Her boob is also longer than me. I make divert my thinking and try to normal but for making silent in mood moment I also make rub on my pussy. I make romantic when pretty opens her body. Her long hairy pussy wants sex drive. She cannot satisfied with her masturbate. She makes short arousal. She said I talk sex of long drive. She has BF so her working on pussy is longer than me. I said many times you talk on that moment when you want sex. She said I will stimulate for taking sex. Perhaps My BF will just start for fucking. I will take his challenge harder than normal.
She has harder sex stimulation. Her session of sexual thinking ends on fucking with BF. She calls her BF and takes time for fucking. Her sex stimulation makes her mood easily. I think she has fast fucker than me.
One time I drew her fucking scene. She has concentrated her thinking on her BF body action. She arrives on her special place. She makes monitoring of her space and make confident. She did not think many times on one time confident. She makes fully concentrate of her fucking. She monitors cock motion for fucking. Her long pussy makes harder for taking her wanted cock. At first interring she makes silent for vibrating of his cock in her pussy. Her first shot of fucking should be harder, stronger and long time deliver. At first session of fucking she will arrive for talking of regular sex. This middle session of sex has much action for longer fucking. Her long and harder pussy makes press and dilates with hard jerk. This action of fucking loses my pussy fluid for fucking. Her last session is satisfactory session. In this action she prescribed for maintain her best action. She grasp her body for deep fucking. His long hard cock press and dilate her pussy and make her body tension free. She said for losing her fucking gift. He will make silent after discharge. He said I have a friend he is smart he make my pussy better drive. He said he will give me licking of my pussy. He said he will make my pussy wider and licking and will fuck till I said no. I am agreeing. I will fuck and will tell on next story of my white short pussy fucking. Be careful for your fucking mood. Thanks my friends of story reader.
Author-Alka from LV Hostel

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