After bathing moods story


After bathing moods story

After bathing moods story
Roma is a beautiful girl. She has talk on real matter. She does not faith on assumption type of talking. I “Deo” meet her frequently for necessary work with relation of her brother. One time She has just come from bathing. She has in short towel. Her expression is very pretty. I locked for some times in her expression. She is busy in her work. I worked end on this place and returned for my home place. But her expression is printed in my mind. I was regular approaching person with various type of work. Slowly She talks with me on general matter. One day she wear net clothes after her bathing. She looks like nude. My first impression on her body reaction makes me delight and I feel weight less at that time. After some moment I awake when she talk about my work. I said and again busy in her body visiting. I was nervous. She said me are you ok. I said yes. But she cannot understand. She takes a position near me at sofa. She said me what are you thinking. I said you are beautiful. She said how can you said this argument. I said your look up is very sex after bathing. O you are in hot mood. She said me come on. I arrived in personal room. She said you make as I look. I get surprised. But she was as serious. I made nude slowly. My cock in my underbars is fully tight. She touched it and said this is too hot. My warm up is arrived on this place. She come out my cock and said left it jumping in front my eye. I was at nude and excite.
She said can you licking my pussy. I shack my head. She sit on side of bed and said me for licking. I start licking her hot tight pussy. She caught my head and pressed on her cant licking. Her sound of feeling of sexual thrill is increasing where as my cock is over tight. She said come me and fuck with your hard cock. I insert my cock in her pussy. She grasps my body for long time. In this time my cock is jumping in her pussy. I fucked her in high mood with hard striking. I last in shortly due to high mood of sexual thrill. She enters in her bath room and washed her wetted pussy. She takes bath and come on in her bed for clothing. She said you will wait here for my hard fucking in night. Your licking is best. I will fuck longer with tension free. She said no one is there today due to some works. I move for sometimes and come for night works. After coming from outside She again wash her pussy and caught my cock with hand. She said are you ready for hot pussy fucking? I did not said anything. I was nude at her sofa and visiting hot video. She views my jumping cock for fucking. She ride on my jumping cock and start fucking. Her hard strokes on my cock for long time get me discharge in her pussy. My fluid comes on my cock. She and I arrived on bathroom and washed and come on for general working. One best session of fucking will start that is best for all other. I will told it in nest story. This is buster tips fucking for long time mood silencer. Thanks for reading story. Be continued.
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