Anal sex is no choice of sex learner .

Anal sex after exiting of wife

Anal Exite


Anal sex after exiting of wife

Anal sex after exiting of wife
Anal sex is no choice of sex learner. Learner starts sex on pussy fucking. they think on natural habit of living. Slowly they lose pussy presser or irritable in mind and choice of anal sex. Someone has found new item to use. In all point fully intention person perform this act of playing. over all if you are prepare to do such. in which first you prepare your partner for anal sex. Because in this act only one person is benefited and other feels pain. Female give this to take a deep love. You never forced for this. Your forced for this she feared for anal sex. Sometimes she shocked and make cool for your sex appeal. So you motivate for this. Stool is passed out clearly. you take a position for taking sex. you decide sex with either condom or without condom. Condom use is best for safety. Emotional person did no want o use condom. first you lubricate anal passage. starts figuring with cutting big nail. insert two fingering in her anus. Her tight anus feels pain. Slowly she maintain it. You again lubricate her anus. you tight cock takes a position on anus. you starts presser on anus with cock from upward to downward. First pushed back and again relaxed for taking your cock in her anus. Many times tight anus did not takes full lengh of cock. so you introduce your cock that she sustain pain. If she takes whole cock you can starts in and out. you can discharge in inner parts on anus. Safety major must be maintained. Here one video is uploaded to views of process of anal sex. Animal did not takes anal sex. Because they did not know other use of anus. Human thinking is analysed and makes result of her desire.

In this video of anal sex by couple is doing. A right position is in knee position or bending from waist. lubricate is applied and starts fingering. After proper widening of anus he pushed in anus and starts sex.
Medical:- This type of sex is not natural one because this part is dry and not for sexual play. so you use condom. Never forced to introduce in deep anal. Injury may be possible.
Social justice. Anal sex is permitted in social area. In abuse many person said about anal sex due to its painful behavior. This is abuse because his down your personality in true sex parson.
Personal views:- New types of sex feelings has in mind of person. They use and get relaxed.You will impressive in sex by this. This is selfish types of sex. Regular user makes it normal. Some female refuse it. She says that male has less loving that wants anal sex. Some wants love by giving this offer.
You can use this but safety major must be applied. thanks for reading this article. You can comments on comments box.

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