Big Desi boob handling and driving story

Big Desi boob handling and driving story

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Big Desi boob handling and driving story

Big Desi boob handling and driving story
Boob size is depending on person’s specific feature. Same age group of different person has size of boob. Their handing is important for making best look up. Unmanaged boob lose their natural size and makes painful. There are many factors that control boob size. One of them is genetically relation factor.
Guiding tools:
Big boob handling is not difficult if you manage it as regular time interval. Boob makes active for its stimulation on time to time. Blood circulation in boob area is maintained with proper handling. Big boob has more weight than normal boob. I noticed someone wants big boob for his sexual arousal. His thought is for handful boob is best boob. So, big boob is not a problem. But its weight must be maintained but putting it in bra that binds boob in their position. Regular twitching of boob makes boob active and energize for best working. Boob driving for sexual stimulation is depending upon intension of boob driving power.
On desk
Sumita is a pretty girl. She maintains her body by Personal observation. Her boob is growing up. she makes her proper maintaining by twitching on frequently. Breast massage is doing for making active breast. She regularly washes her undergarments. Her BF Rohit likes her big breast. she feels pain if he pressed powerfully. she makes her breast twitching that makes her boob active and pressing pain makes over come. She makes regular boob massage that makes her boob energize. she guide her bf for stimulation her breast in gently. In mood condition she did mind her pain and she makes free her breast motion. But in romantic time she uses her breast for mood making and twitching by gently handling. Breast driving should be in breast round size in gentle way.
She minds her boob gently pressing and twitching in regular way that makes her boob active and reactive for best use and driving by her BF. Sumita is active in body feature.
Personal views:
Personal impression of boob is best impression for viewing person. She makes effective active on observing persons.She maintains her impression by mind on her boob feature.
Helping guideline:
Your active works on your boob massage makes its active for long time maintain its shape and size but it should be gently.
Our motto is to inform you that you must maintain your impression by active works on your effective procedure. you regular read my articles and videos.
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