Fearless pee on open field story


Fearless pee on open field story

Fearless pee on open field story
Peeing in female is not easy process in open field. Many female hesitate for peeing in open field. She is peeing in sitting position for easy discharge. Male side of thinking is changed by visiting for peeing of female. So, she selects a hide place for peeing. This is safe her for peeing in safe place. But peeing should be fearless. Many times bladder is full and she hesitates for peeing or partial peeing is taken place.
Guiding tools:
In adult age female peeing it should be minded that your peeing has fearless. Fearful peeing is partially and cause many problem. Free minded lady can be peeing in partial hidden place. But reactive minded female select full safe place for peeing. This cause many problems in handling of urine in bladder. If urging is feeling by female her mind is searching a safe place, at arrival of safe place she vacates her urine. She loses her painful peeing. Her presser of peeing gets her mind relaxed. You can fearless peeing in open field if you are sure that you are safe. This can be happen in your confidence level. Unwanted fear causes more painful sustaining of urine in bladder. Many places has unmanaged place this cause problem for urination. You can lose your urine in free mind by making help of same group of person.
On Desk:
Petite participate in her friend’s birthday party. She eats something and takes water in full amount. After some time she feels presser of peeing. She miss minds it. She searches proper places. She takes help for searching of peeing places. Many other says she is also searching peeing place. Perhaps peeing place is not present. She makes a group and move on open space. She selects a open space for group peeing. She minds that not in present in her peeing side. She vacates her urine in free minded. Her village’s friends are still in fear that someone may be present. His mind is searching here and there. After petite helping she discharges her urine. She gets relaxed by painful discharge. Petite said you must manage your problem in group if you do not have strength in single. I have same problem but I mange it and gets free. Her friends said I think no one is minded my peeing sound. So I also hesitate in peeing group places. She said you break your hesitation by group working. She said I make pee near of male friends. This is natural process. You make sure and solve your problem in easy way.
Peeing should be fearless minded either in open on partial place. Fearless peeing makes your mind free and you can work easily.
Bladder presser may cause many problems. Your thinking is changed by making your mind sensitive about peeing thinking.
Psycho sensitive person wants to see her action in peeing time. So you pee in only hidden place. That is secure.
Personal views:
Confidence of peeing place should be in personal views and free minded.
Helping guideline
If you are in single you sure with your helping persons about your peeing place. Hazard will overcome in convincing peeing.
Our Motto is to inform you about taking presser of general matter. Many times it is big problem is searching safe place.
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