formulae fucker with pooja kuwari

Formulae fucker with pooja kuwari

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formulae fucker with pooja kuwari

Formulae fucker with pooja kuwari
This type of sex is fully organized and managed by applying formulae. Formulae are developed by experience of getting sex. Sexually sick girls have some hot indication that that catches by formulae fucker and applied to take sex. He makes great affect on her life. He controlled her thinking. He directed her thought by proper management. He first makes sympathy for his works. He makes close and applied test drive to know her response. He have strong base of confidence of her sex motivation. Sexually sick girls have fear of social and family presser with her personal interest. Formulae fucker has some special features that bind her thinking by making dream favorable persons.
Guiding Tools:
First impression is last impression. This formula is applicable here. You first see and catch her mirror image in your mind. You noticed her sexually sick direction. You will gather a full time report of her living. You will analyze data for finding safe zone where you can inter in her life. This safe zone is confident that makes your way easy. Safe zone should be confidential that make your entering safe. No anyone should be suspicious about your performance. You indicate you are a most valuable and effective persons. Fashion should be latest. Facial expression should be tension free with laughing tendency. Talking is limited with full of confidence. You monitor her behavior and adjust yourself according to her thought. You take her each thought acceptable. You play with her by accepting her thinking. Slowly you will gain her faith. You are at that place where you can control her thinking. You applied you high approach. You discard her other person’s impression. You should be present in all places where she can present. Your every time present may controlled her thinking. She will think on your matter all the time. You take response of your presentation. You change your impression if any hazard found. Cross examination technique is very favorable for knowing your effect. Her close friends give more valuable information. Your hard impulse for sex makes her mind concentrate. You should use her directed thinking by your hard and fast rule for sex.
On desk:
One day solz meet a friend of petite. She said” are you Solz”. Solz said yes –yes. She talks in such a manner that she is his close friends. Next time Solz see these girls at new places. He talks about her. He decides “ She is soft target girls”. Solz points out that she wants help in her working. So she will easily come close and can be favorable. Solz meet her at regular interval. She was full of confidence because he has strong background of recognition. Solz gather her full time information. He takes her response and priority of works. Ssolz adapt according to her works. He gave his introduction as her requirement. She comes close. She feels batter with Solz. She slowly open with Solz. She never minds her clothing behavior in presence of Solz. Solz easily arrived in her places. Solz guides her works for more beneficial way. She is slowly depends on her. She gets enjoy with solz. She said Today I am tired can you help. Solz arrived to serve but she laughs at his approach. She adjusts for her fitness. Solz introduce she is joking. Solz guides her thinking by making plan. He has same plan of working as her. Both are pertinent of sharing works. Solz enter her room at time she was in sleeping. She awakes and talks her dream. She talks her tension matter. Solz has easy solution. She thinks solz is best person for her helping. Solz pressed to direct her thinking. She decides her works as Solz wants. Slowly she cannot want that Solz make uneasy with her plan. Solz touches her body by making sorry. She said that no mention. But this was test drive for touching. Solz noticed that she did not mind her touching. She catches her hand and come closer near her target from gathering. She annoyed at that matter. She feels uneasy. Solz makes a distance by making sorry. He still works in plan but in opposing her response. She said o Solz be normal. I was thinking on another matter. Solz drive her thought by working sharing. One time she pulls his towel at that time he wear only towel. Solz catches it. She laughs at her teasing. Solz never mind. Solz gets a opportunity of party time. She was in mood of exciting. Solz propose for cooperation her desire drive. She ignores this proposal. Solz forced by making close with her working on important works. One day she was in mood and Solz arrived with hot application. She said something but Solz said “be accepts me”. I cannot forget you. If you discard I will leave you. She cannot replied his proposal. Solz catches her and said for opening her clothes. She never mind. Solz arrived near her and opens her clothes. She never mined. Solz gets excited in high quality because he is in near at his goal. His cock is at ninety degree. He make nude. His tight and flashed cock is vibrating in front of her eyes. She thinks on his cock that is inviting for sex. Solz opens her clothes and makes her nude. Solz view new look of pussy and breast. He is eager for sex. He pushed her nude body on her leg bound. She still in thinking. He pushed her in bed and makes a position for fucking. She observes his tight cock that gives her mood silent. She likes such cock and active persons for fucking. She laughs by viewing his cock. Long tight cock is at the point of her pussy. Solz cannot controlled himself. He pushed his cock in her pussy. She pulled her waist back to controlled her presser. She feels a long hot tight object in her pussy. Her pussy wall is dilated. She controlled her thinking and respiration for understanding vibrating cock in her pussy. Solz views her new look of adjusting with cock. She was full adjusted for taking sex. Solz starts fucking by in out his cock. She said solz you please slowly. You cock is in my abdomen. I feel uneasy. Solz some backs her cock and wait. She feels fucking desire. She pushed her body for takes cock in her long pussy. Solz starts harder fucking. She gets fucking with hard long tight cock. She is getting best replied of her sexual thinking. She gathers information of this special fucking. Her hot desire pussy is in fucking. She is getting cools with getting tired by fucking presser. Solz was best fucker of her pussy. She said “ how long will you last”. Solz said “are you satisfied”. She said “I cannot tolerate you long and hard cock with full of fucking presser for long time”. Solz said “OK”. Please catch my honey sweet in your tight pussy. Your tight and sucker hard pussy sucks my sweet, solz said. Solz takes high presser fucking in hard mood and loose her fluid in her pussy. O ….. my….pussy….she pussy was full of cool fluid. Her fucked face looks sweet in emotional eyes of Solz. She went for toilet and freshens. Solz was formulae fucker and winner of target.
Location is unknown but confidential relation makes easy of problems. Motivation was her youth with full of adjusted body. Her pretty impression was unbearable. Action of sexual presser is optimum where as replied with full of strength by giving sucker pussy. Sensation is hard and fast. Safety is emotional control and safe place. Discharge is at full of charging level. Best exercising emotional sex was there.
New relation has many ethics. So you make careful for relation. You must observe for any communicable disease that can harm your life. It may be one time last time. Safety major is prime importance for using condom. This will safe from unwanted pregnancy.
Social justice:
This type of relation is not permitted by social level. Unwanted pregnancy should be harmful for bearer. Be careful from cross relation. Social level this relation is discard. So you must hide your relation on social level.
Personal views:
Hot excited persons easily accepted this type of relation. They cannot understand any hazard due emotional action of sexual relation. High enjoyable moments give long term memorable affect.
Helping guideline:
You must follow close relation regulation. Any relation cannot be hide for long time. Your personal relation will be affected by this type of cross relation. So you think one time for relation.
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