Her sex diary live sex story

Back stroke


Her sex diary live sex story

Her sex diary live sex story
I “Deo” was going to away from home town. I took a sit in bus. I look a diary that was placed in a sit. I just open to know about person which has this diary. I gently placed it as I know she has female. I took sit and start my journey. My near sit has covered with this diary bearing girl. I want to make friendship with her but I was in thinking about her site of working. My guising acted on my target. She is sensitive girl. She has full muscle and active minded girl. She notes some important point to make updated. I start talking with male on social matter slowly she participate on talking on my subject. I made friendship with her because my thinking is about her thinking. She slept down on journey, I open her diary and views details about her. She has bet collection about loving feature. She mention about talking with her friends with sexy matter. After her arousal I start talking on sex matter. Primerly she did not take interest but slowly she has deep interested on my matter. At arrival on target we move in same direction with deep sensual talking. She said perhaps we arrived before on official time. I support her thinking. Both move on part for moving and striking target. I followed her direction of thinking.
I take a place and starts talking. Slowly my talking is arrived on youngster activities and arrived on sex matter. I viewed her face deeply. I find she wants sex. I placed proposal for sexual action with her. She first discard but slowly she search safe place. My thinking is flying in sky. Her body action is just for impressing. My talking time was best time for stimulation of my body. I bind her body for hard sexual action. Her buttock is best protrude I think best action will set up from back sex. Long cock with hard stroke will give full of interest. I arrived on safe place and down her clothes. But cleft of butt is open she made widening her leg for interring my cock. I forgave all matter accept her butt action. I insert my cock in her butt and start fucking with full of motion. Journey of sex driving is full of motion. She gave me full of support for placing her body with hard things that gave me full penetration. She took best interest with my fucking style. She said do not think anything accept my fucking. You start with your action. I one time start of fucking action was end in my hard presser fucking. I lose my fucking gift in her fucking chamber. She wears clothes. She went for toileting. She said you are cheater. I showed her toileting and my cock was in high tension of fucking. I again take position of fucking and take harder motion then before. She take more interest than before. My time is slowly arrived on my working. She said stop your fucking. I again lose my fucking gift in her hard pussy. She invites me fucking in Hotel in night. I both detached for working. I was tension free for my working. I set up time for my fucking job. I will discuss detail about her fucking diary. What she note in her fucking experience. She is best fucker girl. She has hard pussy and lust for fucking.

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