Hot GF disturbed sexy Pee

Hot GF disturbed sexy Pee story



Hot GF disturbed sexy Pee

Hot GF disturbed sexy Pee
Pee is generally known as urination, Maturation, Toilet. This is a natural process of discharging. In human being this part in hidden in clothes. Pee is took place time to time when urging by female feels. There are some events in which this is automatic or disturbed. In high fear urination is automatic at feared place. In excitation process urination is disturbed. Affected persons did not refresh after toilet. Their toilet is still remains in their bladder.
Guiding tools:
Hot GF is easily excited on slight stimulation. Many GF has hesitation for peeing. She searches safe places for her peeing. In this situation she sustains it for long timing. As she feels pain in her lower part of abdomen, she presses her toilet till safe places. She cannot say for irrelevant persons for peeing. In last time when she feels she cannot sustained she says she feels toilet in slow voice. If this time she feels arousal her pain changed and disturbed her thinking about sex. She cannot take sex till toilet. Sometimes she loses her pee for safe searching. In toileting time her arousal cannot void clearly. Her peeing disturbed. Her mood is not refreshing for getting sex. She feels tension about peeing. So, better is that she voids her toilet before feeling sex.
On desk:
Petite is moving in market. She feels toilet but this is sustainable. She still busies in her marketing. She meets his BF Solz after long time marketing. She did not open her feeling of peeing. Solz is excited about taking sex. So she impresses her mind by making new things. She said “I have surprised things”. Petite said” told me”. He makes it unclear. She assumes that He has something in his mobile. She takes it and went away from her places. She plays a video in his mobile. She views porn videos. She gets excited. She feels pain in her abdomen. She is arrived her room. She is going to toilet. But she cannot sustain it. She loses her toilet. She down her clothes and starts toileting. She feels relaxed after peeing. Her peeing is stopped in between her pee. She again tries to peeing. She still wants to relax. She cannot do such due to her excited mind. Her pussy is excited. She shows her pussy that is tight. She wants to void by complete peeing but stop her peeing in hard excitation. She makes widen her leg for clear void her toilet. He pains is subsided but she still feel uneasiness. She feels her mood is positive but best sexual relation is not possible. Solz arrived at that places where she is peeing. O Solz, you are cheater. He said why? She said you video disturbed by peeing. I partly pee and partly am still feeling for peeing. Solz said you will keep in mind for voiding as we want presser. She said you have a long stick and can void in any places but I cannot. Solz you make toilet before you leave your home. You can do it if you leave hesitation.
Busy location did not permit to void. She searches safe places for peeing. Motivation is working in hast and fast and will clear after end of work but situation is not in hand. Feeling of peeing is painful. Sensation is tensile. Discharge is automatic. She wants to clear but still her peeing is disturbed. Hot GF disturbed sexy pee feels his BF.
Many persons sustained her toilet for long time that makes painful. Many types of disease are originated. So you must void periodically before you leave your home.
Social justice:
Pee is necessary before feeling of sex. You must void before sex feeling. GF related action is not accepted in social. But it instructs to void periodically.
Personal views:
Sharing of problem with BF makes close with each other. But education appeal gets close to each other after this action.
Helping guideline:
You must keep in mind that sex is fully emotional part of life. You change your emotion you will feel better for handling your problem.
Our motto is to break your hesitation by giving details description of events of situation with videos.
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