Lustloving back stroke of Nitu bhabhi live story

Lustloving back stroke of Nitu bhabhi live story

Back stroke


Lustloving back stroke of Nitu bhabhi live story

Lustloving back stroke of Nitu bhabhi live story
Nitu bhabhi talks me on every matter openly but i never take it seriously. She said me Hemu as call name. She made happy when she call me with this name. I said my all internal feeling and gets proper answer. Slowly Nitu bhabhi made close with me. One day i feel she is in tension. She did not talk at deeply. Perhaps any controversial matter is in her mind. I returned back. She meets me at random out of her home. She said yesterday you want to say something but you come back. I told i will come at evening. She is waiting me for talking. I arrived and talk on my problem. I feel she itch her private part frequently with shy nature. I made funny and told can i help you for solving itching matter. She laughed and went to kitchens. I show her back portion that was round and moving. Her buttock cleft in clearly visible in her clothes. Bhabhi gave me tea but i still thinking on her buttock motion. She said are u here. I said yes, yes. She gave promise for telling my thinking matter. I bind my internal air and said my thinking. You are naughty at saying anything. I was still in thinking. She said you take tea. I will solve your problem.
On fucking desk:
Bhabhi call me on another room and hide her face with opening her back. She said this is answer of your question. I show her pussy that is tight and open. I get hot with my cock. My thinking is not proper working with heart beat fasting. I just inter my cock in her ass whole. I get started. She feels pain at interring of cock. Hemu your cock is in long and hard. Please inter slowly and work fast. I inter my cock in her pussy and starts fucking. I had in flying dream of entertainment. I was in my dream project of working. I made hard stroke with thinking long driving. Her hard pussy with lusting behave binds my cock and applied hard presser on my cock. I feel i will not make long hard drive. I said i will lose gift of fucking. She said no work on your project of fucking. Bhabhi your tight pussy stop my working. This is gift of your love. At this time i work fast on fucking and shortly i lose my fucking gift in her pussy. Her pussy has got wide and full of my gift. She stands and went for toileting. I made thanks for her loving with back stroke. I think how can be affective if front side fucking will happen. I will told she will never said no. In nest time i will told my front fucking sex story. Thanks for reading this story. You can write your comment on comment box.
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