My hot journey with young girls in old age

My hot journey with young girls in old age

Old age


My hot journey with young girls in old age

My hot journey with young girls in old age
Journey is very specific for many persons. One journey is very hot and memorable for me. My faith is for better communication for easy time lapsing journey. I was at old age and active person from my other members. I faith in talking but other did not. One time in my journey I meet with a girl that is frosted from his life. She has many questions from his life. She is young but she did not mind her impression. My mind strikes her beauty. I think that her youth is basic problem that gives her mind hyper active. In that manner she is confused. I talk in favorable manner. She makes close. She feels better with my talk. She thinks that I can solve her all problem. She gives her address to meet. I arrived her address in next day. She was in outdoors of her house. She is in happy by seeing me. I arrived her places. I talk at general matter. Slowly I share my experience. She gets interested in my story. I take her sympathy. She was in my faith. She makes general. I use her emotion. I handle her mind by slowly arriving him closer. She was agree with share her bed. I surprised. My thought was true.
Guiding tools:- I start just in friendly manner of her touching. She plays with my clothes. I also play her clothes. She never minds it. She takes off by clothes and laughs. I concentrate my mind and I catch her clothes. She takes off it and flew away. First time she energized me fully. I feel I will lose my fluid. I never seen this jock. I have long experience of fucking but this was new one. My thiking is flying . I search it and observe her body. She teases me by touching. I give my emotion for helping person. She plays with me. She make hot and excited. I placed my hand on her hair and many other parts she feels better. She saw me seriously and I was in hot mood. She likes it. I make her nude. I was hot and excited. So I start working efficiently. I use my experience for exciting he body. My hand feels all her sensitive parts, she feels this emotional touch. She takes interested. I was excited by getting her youth nude body. In my earlier age I found this but this time I was not experienced for using young girls. Today I was lucky for using these hot girls. I start fingering in her pussy. Her pussy is tight and beauty. I said I was surprised to see your pussy. She laughs. She thinks I was her best friends. I prepared her fucking.
On desk:- she takes my cock in her my and get licking. I feels her young mouth in my cock that strike my mind and I goes in deep sensation. I stop sometime to taking her impulse of licking. O you are too beauty. She starts sucking my cock. My cock gets charged by sucking her young mouth and tongue. I was romantic. My whole body and organ gets youth at this age. I feel that I was young because I fucked young girls. She is sucking as like her husband’s cock. I get charged and think to lick her pussy. Her young pussy strikes my mind. She opens her pussy widely. I saw her pussy like a eating things. I applied my full mouth to catch her pussy. She sought o slowly. I like her hot cant. I suck her pussy and gets her pussy charged for fucking. She said fuck me. Your cock was heavy and tight. I want this types of cock but I found thin cock. I was hungry. My thought was true. I enter my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was get separated. He tight pussy strikes my mind. I fucked last time but that time her pussy is not such types. I was serious at fucking time. She grasps me for fucking. She wants for better fucking. So I ready for this and start fucking fast. I take many style to get for enjoy. Her breast is tight and juicy. My old mouth catches it and sucks it. I feel so hot at that time. I again come on pussy for fucking. Her tight pussy strike my mind and I fucked fast. She helps more powerfully. I will not stand very long time. Her thrust is very fast and her pussy is sucker my cock. I feel her pussy suck my cock. I take deep respiration. First time I fucked young girls. She opens fucking by this manner in first time. She wants to fulfill her desire for this cock. I make last by leaving my cum her beauty body. I think she was satisfied by taking heavy and tight cock by her mentally and physically.
Presentation: – Location is new places that strike my mind. I was fully energized with confidence of my handling experience of this girls. I was going in right places with making confidence. I make a friendly relation in short time by handling her emotion. I was best motivator of her problem. My experience works at these places. She things I will solve her all problem. Her thinking is right. I solve her hot youth. Sensation is new and very energetic. This is memorable and share for you. Action of fucking time is hard and fast I never lose my strength due to my faith that I will fuck her pussy hardly. So, I get best replied of her desire. She talks on fucking and listen sound of fucking. Fucking sound get charged for both persons. Rotation of her body is best that gives my cock best supplier of her tight pussy. Style is changed by taking charged from one type fucking. I fucked by changing style. Her beauty body I use more efficiently by changing style fucking. Safety rules I applied. I think this is not as general fucker so she is safe. I applied my saliva at her tight pussy for getting soft. Races on one type get me close to fucking. I feel as she is my last desire. Discharge is my bet satisfaction of fucking. I lose cum on her beauty body. I accept it. I saw it on her beauty body and get more satisfaction.
Medical:- you must avoid cross relation. At this time you must use condom. You use only natural sex. You must control your emotion. You take sex for as usual requirement not for mission for sex.
Social justice:- society did not allow this type of relation. Because this relation cause many time of demarked. Desire of person is very from time to time so it should be managed in her personal life not in cross relation. Sensitive person may handle her emotion and make wrong use. So avoid this types of relation.
Personal views:- personal level thinking is depend on desire and dream. Person get charged from its nature and environment and if they found opportunity to take it safely, they use it and get satisfied. So personally this is not wrong. Her you are emotional.
Helping guideline: you must take a safety tools. You investigate your safe relation. This type of relation is used as blackmailing by making videos. Your personality may harm this. She can treat your emotion wrongly. Your identification details may be dangerous. So be careful.
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