My love kisses friend story

My love kisses friend story

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My love kisses friend story

My love kisses friend story
Friends are those who have similar understanding and common way of thinking. Close friends are those who have deep relation of coordination between them. Close friendship has basic relation for sharing of things that bind each other in relation. Such basic relation may be kissing between them.
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Friend helps each other for solving problems. Both have same understanding. Test driving and true feature of working comes close each other. Someone may close each other and share some things for expression of their relation. This relation may be kiss. This feature they kiss each other and express their loving creature. They help each other for development. Different way of thinking and same understanding gives many different new way thinking and development. Different angle of thinking makes clear of viewing object. Kissing is faith developmental relation. You express your price of working as kissing. Your fear may subside after kissing affection. Your relation makes new at kissing behaves.
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