Pees in panties try to hold story

Pees in panties try to hold story



Pees in panties try to hold story

Pees in panties try to hold story
Female has developed habit to hold her urine in her bladder for long time. She generally does not express her urination or peeing. She searches appropriate time and situation for evacuate her bladder. Her mind is busy in searching safe place for her peeing. She did not think any matter except her peeing. She is irritable for her urination. In travelling and public places her peeing thinking is in high level thinking. She forgets her all works accept her peeing thinking. If she finds its solution in late phase of retention of her urine in her bladder, she arrived and try to urinate but she starts in her panties.
Guiding tools:
Today clothing is advances that creates problem to urinate in small hide places. Some loose clothing facilitates to peeing in small hide places. Maximum female has habit to peeing in safe places. She searches it in her peeing desire. She holds it till she did not find its solution. Her bladder presser is as high as she feels pain in bladder area. She tries to hold her bladder presser. She makes relax her binding of waist. She holds her breathing for sustaining pain in bladder. She arrive her toilet room and discharges her urine. She feels high relaxation of bladder pain. Sometimes she dribbles her urine in her panties. Her holding capacity end at this level but she cannot say for peeing until she did not find safe places. Now high understanding females said about her desire of peeing. She did not hesitate for peeing in small hide places. There are many types of disease are present in lower part after sustaining of this types of habit. You must express your desire of peeing when you feel such types of presser. You must maintain your peeing process. You must get void before departure. If you have any problem you take medicine. In full water intake you maintain at least half an hour time for bladder voiding. For this technique you will maintain your bladder presser.
On desk:
Petite went for long driving. She feels presser in her bladder. She said her BF for peeing. He said driver of bus to hold her vehicles for toileting. She arrive small hide places and makes peeing. She gets relaxed after peeing. Her village friend hesitates to peeing in open spaces. She moves her eyes hare and there and thinks she will arrive easily in her safe places. She holds her peeing. She thinks each time for safe spaces. In that situation her bladder presser is increasing. She has irritable in her thinking. She tries to maintain normal. She lost her normal thinking. After long time she arrives at a places where toilet facility is there. She presses her pussy to hold her peeing. She opens her normal clothes at pussy pressing position. She lifts her hand from pussy. She cannot hold her peeing in panties. She gets relaxed form peeing. Her bus journey was very tough. She makes funny after peeing. Petite said how are feeling in before peeing. She explains situation. She said you lose your maximum timing in thinking about peeing. This is very bad habit. You must solve it in priority level. She said you are feared from your safety. But for peeing holding you will find greater problem than hesitation. Petites friend maintains her peeing as see find its solution. She makes expressive female and make happy in entire situation. She makes friend in her journey that makes her problem easy.
Location is journey. She feels peeing presser. She learns in her journey for solution of her peeing presser. Now she makes a friend in her public places and arrives at safe places. She must has aware with her impression. She never eats and goes such places where she feels unsafe. She makes guarantor of her returning from peeing.
High bladder presser generates pain in her lower abdomen. Sometimes she has lose retention power of her peeing. You must void at periodical time.
Social justices:
Peeing is very specific process. You must maintain it. Safe action of solution is maintained. Socially accept this action. You must make a distance with new unknown persons without your works.
Helping guideline
Hold of peeing is doing in sometime as in fucking starts. If you intake excess of water without assuming time, you will catch in peeing presser. Your disease condition states you feel desire for peeing. In any situation you must prior to void urine.
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