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    March 19, 2018

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Thigh GF first time sucking and fucking story

Single and double life
Single life is free from tension of conjugate life. Single person moves freely from any places. Target fighter persons live single. Sexual tension in single adult is high. Its solution is no easy. Friendship relation is base of entertainment. In Single adult life BF/GF relation are established that is specific in persons by persons. Each and every persons is specific in nature and its reaction is also specific. Such persons who hardly motivated for target fighter comes to loving relation. Such relation makes deep and persons are seek in loving relation. some person plays with time and relation but some one are seek in relation all relations are deviation from their target. If you are arrived at depend level of working this loving life is true but if you are not in depend position you loving makes damage your carrier. Single earlier adult life is highly emotional life. Desire is high level. curiosity of sexual subject is high. mental deviation is easily. sensitive mind makes easy deceived from slight difference in thinking. In this time thinking is easily assemble and deviate easily. Experience is limited in that sense persons easily follow deviation direction. Personal guided persons arrived at their target in comparison to free thinking persons. Love and lust creation and its resolution is depend on situation and its live works depend on desire. Single life span process some one makes cohabit of sex relation that makes life worse. Such relation of sexual contacts are postulate and masturbation.
Double life is conjugate life where is conjugate decision took places. Persons cannot think freely. He thinks and comes with his desire solution. He or she depend on his desire solution on their partner. so they follow each other problem. Common understanding working is doing. Basic problems is easily deal by each other Where as every specific works is guided by one another interest. Double is stable life. persons binds their thinking on each and every matter. One opposites are every time present that is their desire and its resolution partner. hey lose their ability sustain sexual tension. they have life partner for their solution. Now a day one relation is also develop that is live in relation. This relation is fully depend on sexual tension solution basis. This relation caused problems if they works on long time. This long time sexual desire comes low and other requirement makes higher. so persons may come in problem. Short term relation is best and if this relation is changes into marriage relation this makes best. if this relation is as it is works life makes boring. Time to time life are in changing so family making problem solution is based. Organisation relation is also family relation but persons are free from its personal desire solution and its relation completion.