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Sonum bhabhi ki chudai

Desi bhabhi sex story
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I arrived to meet with my yielder brother Biru. He was not at his home. One sweet lovely sound comes from his house that he was not here. I locate sound pitch that has sweet and melody with respecting mind. I bind to area and arrived to close her views. I am surprised with her figure at that time. I lost my sensation for some time in her inspiration of beauty. She said me to sit. I follow her instruction with effortless manner. She went for taking respecting things. At this time my anti has come and talks me. I talk about her for home working. She agrees with my logic. She introduced me with my Bhabhi. My Bhabhi sits near me in front of my eyes for curiosity minded nature. She was aggressive for her working in home. I bound full area and fit for working. Next day I arrived with my working scheduled and start for learning process. This short tips in front of my anti. I take my aunty in confidence. I views bhabhi in deep in each meeting. I never rest without her viewing one time. Slowly she works with freely minded. I start touching with bhabhi and takes enjoy with my sensitive mind.
My feeling was going on deep with my each meeting. One day bhabhi was in bathroom and I arrived at that time. She is in alone. I make a sound and try to return back but she said for waiting. I was at pick of sensation in her new look. I show she was in nightly dress with without bra. Her nipple was in outwardly projected. My cock was striking on my thinking about her nipple. Bhabhi mind my thinking but she was busy with her working process. She ignore my views. She going to making tea. I slowly arrived at her gate of kitchen. I view her nice back that is fully projected like she invites for fucking me. I was at my working. She assumes me my presence and gave me tea with laugh. She sits in front of me with tea party. I make aggressive with her careless expression at exciting. I leave my tea cup and arrive her back to handling her hair. I said her lock is best lone. She said this nothing but simple. At this time I touch her butt. She said someone will coming. I gave her target for coming in my room with her important work with best time. She arrived my room with best dress up.
I leaved my cock freely jumping on her presence in my room. I views her full body with her projecting boob. Her hip is best one. Rounded but with short narrow gap is best one. I mind her sexy views with look up. She was confident in taking my reaction. I caught her hand and lowly arrived at her round boob. She closed her eye. I gave her body support for sitting. I make nude with jumping my cock in her closed eye in front of her beauty image. I touched her checked that she opens her eye. She surprised with viewing my jumping cock. I was at juicy mood in cock. I take her hand in my cock. She slowly caught with deep views. She opens my cock and left for jumping in her eye. She move back and opens her back for viewing inner look of her butt slot. I placed my cock in her but slot and get full of hot sensation of sex. She said this is your first gift of tea time job. O so sweet bhabhi. Sh said are you leaving your juice of cock. I said no just for taking interest.
I made her nude and views her virgin pussy. She said I am still virgin because I have not take my best chocolate. I suck her juicy pussy for making her sex funny. She strikes her pussy on my mouth for hard sucking. She loses her hot water and said fuck me pl fuck me. I placed her on lap and make sucking of her boob. Hot sex tight boob pushed in my mouth for hard sucking. I make deep sucking that she make aggressive. O suck me at fucking. She caught my cock and placed on my cock. My hard cock gets locked in her pussy mouth. She vies her white juicy tight pussy with my hard long cock. She start jumping on my cock with putting her boob in my mouth. Bhabhi hard pussy sucks my cock harder with unbelievable interest. I said long live bhabhi for your gift of fucking. She said I was at depressed for fucking. You are my chocolate for happy. Thanks bhabhi. She turns back and starts fucking with hard presser. Her best tight back with hard presser pussy gets me locked in her sex driving. I caught her body for resting to take her fucking interest. She make free and starts hard presser fucking. My cock get hot and red in her pussy. Bhabhi look my cock and make kiss. I was at last with bhabhi expression. I caught bhabhi and insert my cock in her pussy with harder stroke. She has arrived at peak of my fucking with my hard fucking . I get loose my cold gift in her hot fucking pussy and grasp for resting. Bhabhi boob pushed me for jerking I pressed my body in cleft and fulled her gap. She views her pussy with my gift. She says naughty fucker lost your fucking chance. I said thanks. She adjust and flew away as she was late. She was at my call for nest meeting. Be continued.
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