Controlling of tensile emotion

Controlling of tensile emotion
Sometimes situation is positive that gives flying of our thinking. In this situation our tensile emotion is at high position. we make blind on this situation and thinks we are part of this situation. Our thinking is totally depend on our sensual matter. In this time our thinking is narrow and make attached. Here you will change of your thinking for better result of facing situation. Tensile emotion is very strong in positive thinking situation. we run faster and can not see back. Alert person will not bind for getting target. 3/8/18
our  desire is controlled by hormonal secretion. Periodical secretion of hormones strikes our mind and makes thinking about tensile subjects.
Artificial stimulus of tensile  is not periodical process. One time processed stimulus makes hide on new hormonal stimulus. Positive environment of tensile subject thinking person makes their mind set directing on their tensile  thinking way.
You must set program in which mind is busy in working scheduled. Tension generation for fast working is essential in which work in end on time. Joy and support of enthusiasm is important thing for binding his thinking direction. So a proper maintenance is required. A healthy mind easily works on them. They can find their target on definite time.
Planned working is necessary for better result. Preparation of working is necessary. You must follow your plan for better result. You develop your mind set for taking new challenge. Collect data, analyze on your rules and formulate with proper setting. Automatic mode of working setting is best for completion of works. In manual setting special energy is required for its completion that is very tough.
According to ability of controlling strength person character is decide. That decision makes their life evaluation for ending in either high or low condition.

परम आवेग का नियंत्रण

आवेग अपने आप मे एक युक्ति है जिसके सहारे हम कई सफलता के सोपान के पार कर जाते है। लेकिन परम आवेग का होना तो बिशेष काल है। इसपर नियंत्रण की सोचना एक कलात्मक युक्ति है। ऐसा वही कर सकता है जिसको स्वयं की प्रति बिशेष सजगता हो। यही सजगता हमे यह सिखलाती है कि उसकी वर्तमान अवस्था क्या है। इसके परिणाम क्या होगे। समय के साथ होने वाले बिचारधारा को कैसे नियंत्रित करेॆ इसका अभ्यास करने की कलात्मक योग का होना आवश्यक है।
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