Tom and Budi with Jona sex story

Tom and Budi with Jona sex story



Tom and Budi with Jona sex story

Tom and Budi with Jona sex story
Romantic mood with healthy mind together economic freedom enhances me for long drives. I and Budi both made plan and arrives target of journey point. Both are happy and make joyful time spending. One day I meet I girls that pretty name was Jona. She is very smart girls. She was mature and working in near store. I show her very deeply because I was impressed. I was regularly going to taking my necessary object and show her deeply. I watched her expression that is attractive. She never minded my visiting. So I was watching her face lusty. I got romantic in her each meet. This was my routine. I did not tell with Budi. I observe her boob that was in her vest attracts me. I make image in mind and I got active of long thinking. I regularly monitor her changes and got impressed. She was also impressed in sense she never mind me.
One day I meet outside and talk in details in another matter. My talks with enthusiasm and impact impression she got impressed and told she will meet on morning walk. I change my scheduled and meet daily with her. I monitor her body construction that was very suitable and fully adjusted. She was active. She has just at maturity. She has open minded girls. She talks on every matter. I west my time for getting interest. My daily meeting she has made my close friends. One Budi was not there. He will return very late. I call my friends jona. She came on my room. She watches and gets happy. I touched her hand. She feels my information but never mind But I was deeply impressed. I was at thinking at her closed meeting time in which she ……..My heart beat is increasing. She drawled her hand and say she will meet yesterday. I wait her in my room. Budi slowly assume my subject of dealing. He made distance from me but still my understanding is very deep. He made out of room day. I was at alone. I get surprised when she arrived in jokily mood. She was late and said sorry. I said no matter at all. After general discussion I arrived at hot disk. That is increasing my heart beat.
On Hot Disk:
Tom you are lucky for receiving me in hot desk. I said thanks. She said no you start now. I made contact my eyes and went deep in her hot youth. She is feeling my depth of loving. My cock is running out in my paint. She laughs by making grasp. I get inspired. I made romantic. I touched her breast that was tight and lusty. She has very charming, short and sexy dress. Her butt was at setting. I touched her body and made kissing. I pressed her scarf and pressed her pussy outwardly. She got romantic of my impression. I suck her breast that is still tight and juicy. At that time Budi is arrived and views deeply. He astonished for seeing Jona. Perhaps He knows jona and Jona also know Budi. He arrived and made kiss jona. I never mind for her appeal. My depth of loving is still in mind. I drew her scarf and make hand on her beauty legs. Jona my sweet heart I like you deeply. I view her nude pussy that is views in cleat cleft and tight. Her nude butt is very sexy. I pressed and bust her mind for facing. Her pussy makes hard and projected outwardly. She makes out my cock and views long hard cock. She starts sucking my cock. I got deep sexual inhalation on breath. I has deeply sexual interested mood. Her each strikes of sucking my cock engorges my cock and I got deep romantic. My sensation is at pick point. I feel her pussy fucking. She is my deep mind target. I pressed her breast for sucking. Budi has lust mind and get attached her. He touched her breast and follows my action. She is starting sucking his cock but I feel she is very best feeling in my cock sucking. I want for first her pussy fucking. So I take position and she arrives on my cock by widening her hot tight pussy. My full cock arrives in her pussy by getting route of arrival. Her body weight with my cock is on my body. My cock is thrilling in her body. I feel her impression. She support Budi cock and I starts fucking. Each stroke gives my mind in loop sensation. This is my dream time being true. I fuck till I get fully charged with fuck. I changed position. Her hot and tight buttock is binding my mind so I get back and insert my cock in her pussy and strikes on her butt. My long and hard rod cock arrives in her pussy. I get charged and makes long fucking. Budi follow my action and I arrive her sucking point. I feel she gets priority of fucking. She likes extra sucking my cock and this thinking makes me deep interesting. She was full time interesting. I made her anal fucking at last and get loose my white gift. This is first journey romantic journey.
I was deep inspiration of her expression. I cannot stop myself at her presentation. She expressed herself in freely minded with full of support. I get fully satisfied and get memorable moments forever.

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