Fixed sex idea
some has fixed sex idea which is liver of their thinking. if they found such type of situation, they make happy otherwise they are adjusted for loving in changing situation. Here interaction for adjustment is going on. Each time compensation is there. If idea is changed according to situation person make happy, or they make still in adjusting situation. New thinking content may give option for thinking and perhaps their thinking may change. So every time your mind should be creative for taking new think and you should be able to change yourself. Fixed sex idea and new situation will not harm if you make updated with present knowledge. 3/8/18
Tensile mind
Sexually tensile mind makes confuse on thinking with deep matter. They makes forgetful on past matter. They repeat same matter in many time. they are not able to take new single for expiation.For making active and reactive you must lose your tension. You make updated knowledge with justified method that makes your thinking strong.Your strong and valuable information with best interpretation makes your mind tension free.Assumptive and unfaithful information makes seek our thinking. You must observe nature for taking your solution easy. You take help for easy solution. At this time thinking of direction is different of other persons that may give valuable information. in this situation our works make easy and makes tension free. So you must make tensile mind free.
Site and reaction
There are a lot of sites that gives information about adult life in form of videos, Images, GIF,Story etc. All contents effect on your tender mind. you try to follow this action without has any deep knowledge. This behavior may changes your mind set. Sometimes you take wrong activities.Here you will find real content of thinking. Same content did not enjoy our mind after sometime. So New content is required. For searching of new content some extra ordinary content is also uploaded that are not good for healthy adult life. I will discuss about this types of mater.
Natural sex
Natural sex performances a balance in our social life. Sexual thrust is created in both sexed at arrival of adult age. This sexual action is end in matting of each other in natural environment.Sexual play is doing in adult age after marriage. Before marriage sex is avoided in standard society. Some person which have extra emotional with sex and excite more. He is more reactive. He has powered to tolerate extra presser.They violate social regulation. Slowly many person adapt and deterioration of social low takes place. Cross couple relation is also accepted by these person.After ex relation these person make a group of hyper active person.Controlling mechanism work there. They are controlled by other group of person and again balanced is maintained. General natural sex is in the form of kissing, fucking in pussy with cock. Natural timing is 3 to 8 minute. it may prolonged by applying many logical technique. Other types of sexes are mouth sex, anal sex, group sex, More then one person, Any races sex. These types of sex are violation of natural sex. But very excited person like this types of sex. They make aggressive in their behavior. Slowly many social low is violated. Notorious activities are perform by these person.Sexual activities are restricted to personal relation. These types of activities make our social life peaceful and advanced in all aspect. High sexual activities give many disturbance.

in personal relation person make sex in night after taking food.