Loving Daddy

Loving Daddy

Loving Daddy

Memory never dies which is a part of my life. A lot of moment that comes in life which focuses my mind to find him but they are in only memory. A running life has huge amount of event in which someone is highly energetic that still guide my thoughts. That person was my Daddy. When i face highly complicated matter my Daddy\’s guiding word comes in mind, i make conscious with time. My loving Daddy you will never go from my memory.

My tiny life nothing knows without my parents. Childhood time of life has base information for feeling of new world. My behavior made best with guide of my parents in which Daddy’s hard instruction had regulated me. His kindness for all gave him a jerk that perhaps he cannot sustain and he makes my memory remembered.

My loving Daddy i never forget you. You are in my eye of loving that comes in poem for being alive you forever.

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Writer:- Shalu Prasad

Producer:- Amar Nath Sahu

By sneha

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